Future of the LSAT

There is big news in the law school admissions world. The ABA, which gives law school accreditation, recently announced that the LSAT will no longer be a requirement for their organization starting in 2025. In other words, it is test optional.

This might come as a shock for those studying the LSAT and could be a good or bad thing depending on your situation.

This raises a couple questions.

Should you even bother study for the LSAT? Yes! The planned elimination of the LSAT as a requirement will not take hold until 2025. In addition, this does not mean the LSAT will not matter. Each school, at their own discretion, can still require the LSAT or GRE for their respective applicants.

So, it seems like it is big news, but things will most likely stay the same for the near future and you will still need to study for the LSAT.

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