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I have improved my LSAT score on practice tests by 17 points from my diagnostic, largely in part due to Jon. We have worked extensively on many parts of the exam over time, and he has made questions that previously seemed too tough to handle appear effortless. He has a commitment to teaching fundamentals and really learning the test, which I didn't have much confidence that big test prep companies would provide.

One aspect that I'd like to emphasize is that he's always prepared. He's provided worksheets specific to my weakest areas and gave me an incredibly useful logical reasoning refreshers right before I took my first official LSAT.

Last, he takes personal stake in your progress. I felt like I had an expert to bounce ideas off of and get perspective on which administration of the official exam I should take, how to approach reading comprehension, etc. This made it feel like less of a solitary experience. I highly recommend Jon.


I can honestly say Jon is one of the best tutors I have ever had. I was looking for an LSAT tutor when I found Jon's website and contacted him. He responded almost immediately and was ready to get to work. He was very kind, patient, and thorough. I learned new things every session and definitely saw improvements in my score all thanks to his help! He was very accommodating and flexible and created a very personalized study schedule. I would recommend Jon as a tutor to anyone that asked and would rate him 10 stars if I could.


Jon was an outstanding tutor. He was direct, knowledgeable, and had a natural capacity to convey the material. He helped bring my score up over a dozen points. He was also a fraction of the cost of tutoring companies such as Kaplan and Varsity Tutors. I highly recommend Jon to any person in the NJ/NY area preparing for the LSAT.


I highly recommend Jon for anyone looking for a competitive edge when prepping for the LSAT. His ability to truly understand the LSAT exam really help translate into effective teaching methods. I was struggling deeply, attempting to prepare for the LSAT on my own, having barely improved my score. Within a few sessions with Jon, things began to click and I saw a significant score increase. I have recommended him to a few friends and will continue to because of how helpful he was in helping me conquer the LSAT exam.


In my estimation, Jon Paul is a highly-skilled and conscientious LSAT tutor. He possesses an impressive mind, but never made me feel unintelligent for not immediately seeing what he sees. He is friendly, patient, and easy to work with, and, when I struggled to understand a tricky concept, he always reset to try to see my perspective to figure out what was confusing me and then to maximize my particular skills and ways of thinking. He was positive throughout our time together and seemed to be care about my results as much as I did. In fact, on our final session leading up to the test, he spent an extra hour with me and quelled my anxiety while giving me some final test strategies. I recommend Jon Paul for LSAT tutoring for all levels.


I highly recommend Jon to anyone that is searching for help preparing to take the LSAT. I had signed up for one of the big-name LSAT prep courses and saw no improvement in practice test scores. Jon's understanding of the exam and his ability to assess the areas in which I struggled the most helped me to improve my practice test scores substantially. He created a study schedule for me to focus on different areas to improve my overall score, and assigned worksheets based on the question types that gave me the most difficulties. I have worked with tutors in the past and I can honestly say that Jon is the best I've had.