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Our Commitment to Help Those in Need

LSAT Scholarship Program

We realize that our services and many other LSAT courses may be expensive for some students and wish to change that. We have strong desire to help as many as possible prospective law students no matter their respective life circumstances. In this vain, we are proud to offer our scholarship program.

Our scholarship is geared primarily for lower income students with a focus on those who plan to serve the community through public good and those who are diverse or nontraditional candidates.

The scholarship program provides LSAT tutoring services free of charge for at least 5 sessions and potentially more or even up to 15 depending on the number of applicants.  We accept all types of students, whether you are recent grad planning to apply to law school or an older student who might want to make a career change to law. As part of the program, we will design a custom schedule to prepare you for the LSAT. In addition, we will provide further resources to help with the application process and plans to make law school more affordable. 

How to Apply:

Although we would like to help everyone, we are selective in our process. We strongly advise that you only apply if you are truly serious about going to law school and willing to do the work necessary to reach that goal. We are devoting serious amount of resources to any prospective scholarship applicant to help them succeed and want to make sure these services will be properly valued. If you think you fit the bill and readying to get started, then read the qualification below to apply.


  We ask any applicant to prove financial need. You can do this through showing us a LSAC fee waiver, your tax returns for the previous year, or any other relevant documents that you feel will help us decide.


Once you demonstrated need, you will be required to write a paragraph or two describing your goals, plans, and why you are deserving of the scholarship. Also, you can include in your essay on how you plan to make use of our services to reach their goals outlined in the first essay.


We will reach out and set something up and get you a top score!!!


If you wish to apply, then please proof of need to this email:

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact. Thanks for your time!