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Hello future law student!

Thanks for stopping by our website. We would love to help out and tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

We recently opened shop in 2022, but we have countless years of tutoring between our instructors. We are a group of LSAT instructors and enthusiasts who were unsatisfied with the current tutoring options. We decided to change that. With an innovated new approach, our instructors have unlocked the secrets to a high LSAT score.

The LSAT is a multifaceted test with many nuances. We break it down it simple parts. Each piece is easy to learn. We build upon each layer until you have mastery. Although our techniques are proven, they still require dedication and hard work from any prospective student. There are no shortcuts, but if you work diligently with us, then you are guaranteed a dream score.

Thanks for your time,

NYC LSAT Tutor Team