LSAT Logic Games Tips and Tricks

Logic Games Tip 1: Skip Around

For each logic game there is around five or so questions and these questions can be anywhere from easy to hard. It is best to start with the easier ones so that you get a better understanding of the game and can then tackle the harder ones more effectively.


After doing the first question, which is usually simple, we suggest to start with the questions that have a conditional, which just means that is has a “if.” For example, it might state, “If Bob is in position 2, then where must Sarah go?”


These questions give you a good starting point, since they introduce a new rule to model from. Using the previous example with Bob, we would make a new model with Bob in position 2 and figure out what we can from that model.


Starting with these easier ones and having a couple of models will be helpful for the harder questions, such as substitution problems.



Logic Games Tip 2: Time Management – Becoming Super Good with Easy Games

A lot of students find it hard to complete the logic games in time. There are a couple different strategies to help with this, but we will focus on getting better with easy games.


Any logic game section will have a couple of easy games, a medium game or two or some hard games. Often, these hard games can be a huge time sink. You might read the rules and say WHAT!? And it can take a lot of time to process it and get the correct answers. Ultimately, you run out of time.


You should work on the harder games and get better at them, but you should also get quicker at the easier games.


By doing the simple games fast you will have more time to do the harder games.


So how do you do that?


Start by doing these easier games every day. You want know them like the back of your hand. Also, you do not need to a do a full section of games. You can do one or two out of the four if you are busy. Lastly, redo games over and over. A lot of ideas repeat themselves in LG. When you redo games you will start seeing these patterns and do them even quicker.


Eventually you will cut the time needed for these standard logic games by a few minutes and can use that time for the harder games.



Logic Games Tip 3: Do Hard Games

It might be uncomfortable, but it is paramount to test yourself by seeking out hard games and doing them. Difficult and unusual games are rare. Yet, they occasionally show up and you want to make sure you are prepared for them. No matter what they throw you on test day you want to be ready for it.


Since these games can be challenging, do not worry if they don’t go two well on the first. A lot of students have trouble with them. It is important to note that you can improve.


If the first pass does not go well, then that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is better to make mistakes on a practice as compared to the real administered LSAT. You can learn from your mistakes.


Wait a couple days and try again. If that goes poorly too, then keep trying. Keep trying. Go for a third attempt or look up explanations. Eventually you will get it and become an expert at logic games.


Finally, here is a list of some difficult games to begin your journey with:


PT79 #4


PT48 #4


PT2 #3


PT80 #3


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