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 Hi! My name is Jon.

With a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from NYU, I developed a strong knack for logic and problem solving.

In fact, I always loved riddles and brainteasers, and initially studied the LSAT for fun. I eventually decided not to go to law school, and instead enjoy helping others by providing LSAT tutoring.

My Commitment

I started tutoring the LSAT for FREE, since I take great pride in my work and wanted to hone my teaching ability. Since then, I have tutored for over 5 years and developed strategies to help any student.

Recently, I helped one student from a 160 to a 173.

There are many teachers who are quite intelligent but cannot explain the material well. I made sure to understand all aspects of the test and be able to teach students from any starting point.

My Experience

I have years of experience with all types of students and great success. I have plenty of references with 5 Star reviews on Yelp and Google. In addition, I have been featured on prominent websites and magazines, such as the New York Magazine.

Many of my students have gained admissions to great schools, such as Harvard Law School, University of Virginia Law School, Fordham Law, and more. I would love to help you too.


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